Live betting & Live streaming at UK betting sites

Players who want to maximize their experience are looking for operators that offer live streams to complement live betting.  More and more gaming companies in the UK and internationally have therefore acquired rights to show live-streamed sports.

It becomes an extra spice to the whole experience for punters when able to watch sports for free. By watching matches that you gamble on, it becomes easier to make concrete analyses and act on those and use them to beat the odds. We go through the UK’s best gaming companies for live streaming and live betting.

Betting sites that offer live streaming

Double winnings on two first bets

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Three benefits of  live streaming at a betting site

Below we will walk you through the three greatest benifits of picking a betting site which offers live streaming.

Live betting

Combining live stream with live betting is one of the most significant benefits of watching live stream sports. The overall experience is better when you look at the games that you also gamble on. The increase in the whole experience around live betting contributes to choosing a gaming company that offers live streams.


The rights for sports are spread out and add to that all other subscriptions for streaming services that show TV and Film. Opting out of a subscription to instead watch it for free at the gaming companies is an advantage. Usually, all that’s required to participate in all the live-streamed sports at a bookmaker is a positive balance on your gambling account.


Today, live streaming is compatible with all devices and being able to stream directly from a bookmaker’s app on your phone or tablet makes it extremely easy to watch sports. Choose the device that suits you best and get greater mobility.

What sports can be live-streamed?

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Snooker
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Trotting
  • Ice hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball

In-play betting – more action when you gamble live

Few things are as exciting in the world of betting as live betting. By gambling on floating odds in real-time, it becomes more eventful and fast-paced. Anyone skilled at live odds also has a greater chance of beating the bookmakers, for sure appreciated among the best players.

Even the beginner will appreciate live betting as it provides more action whether you are a professional player or not. Try betting live for a more fast-paced gaming experience at UK bookmakers. End up in the middle of all the action.

In the scenario that you are betting before the game start, there are many different factors to consider. Maybe you check the team’s form, which referee will judge the match, if any players are injured and preliminary reports from various newspapers and experts.

When you test betting live, this is no longer essential. Instead, the different moments and events of the match determine whether the odds change and which bet you should place. For example, a red card or a goal can change the odds and conditions dramatically. That makes live betting so exciting.

Unique markets when you bet live

When you bet before a match, it is often the same type of market. It can be about who will win the game, how many goals there will be during the game or maybe a handicap if there is a clear favorite before the match starts. Although pre-game betting is fun, it is far from the same excitement and tickling feeling as live betting.

For example, some markets are not possible before you start gambling. It can be about which player scores the next goal of the match or which team puts the ball in the net next. The same does not only apply to football, but you can apply live betting to several different sports. Bet on who wins the next game in a tennis match or who gets the subsequent expulsion in a hockey match; there are so many options. Live betting opens up completely different opportunities and markets than what happens before the game.

FAQ – Live betting & live streaming sport on a betting site

Below are the most common questions we get regarding live betting & live streaming sports on a betting site.