Euro Cup 2020 – Odds and bettingtips

The EUROS 2020 is arising one year later than planned, and England has a great chance to win their first gold in EUROS ever. During the World Cup 2018, Gareth Southgate and The Three Lions went to the semifinals, but losing the last two games made them end up in fourth place.

There are no better competitions for punters than the EUROS, making it unforgettable with several odds and markets on every game. Already you can bet on who will win the tournament. We at Bettinghysteria will cover the whole EURO 2020 with betting tips and the best odds.

Best betting sites – Euro Cup 2020

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Betting tips EURO 2020

We will cover the whole EUROS 2020 from the premiere to the final. Then, we focus on the games that the Three Lions are playing, hoping for another long and successful summer for the English national team.

But we also collect all the best odds during the whole tournament. With interest being so high, there are several odds to find, and by comparing the odds, you’ll always get the most out of every single bet.

Who will win the EUROS 2020?

The betting companies believe that England, Belgium, or France will settle for the gold. England has a significant advantage that we play at home, but France looks incredibly strong, especially now that Karim Benzema is once again on the French national team.

Belgium also has a strong team with several world stars. The Belgians won against England in the bronze match of the World Cup 2018 and France won World Cup gold. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is these three nations that are at stake.

Teams that can challenge are Italy, Spain and Germany. It isn’t easy to know where we have these nations since their form has been up and down.

But the advantage of home ground and several players in top form, we believe, is the deciding factor for England. That is why we choose to play England as the winner of EURO 2020.

Who will win best goal scorer

It is fascinating who will win the best goal scorer in the European Championship 2020. Of course, Harry Kane is the favorite ahead of Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo. But players like Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema and Memphis Depay are definitely in the conversation as well.

There is much to suggest that Harry Kane will win the shooting league. England has a reasonably comfortable draw, and Kane seems motivated to leave Tottenham after the season. Therefore, we believe that Harry Kane wins the shooting league, which we also choose to bet on.


Long-term bets on the European Championships

There are many different markets to enter before the European Championships begin.

  • Who will win the European Championships

This market means that you bet on who you think will win the European Championship 2020. Do you think England will win or any of the other 23 nations that participate?

  • Who will reach the final?

You can also play on the two nations you think will reach the final of the European Championship 2020? Then it does not matter who wins the final.

  • Who scores the most goals?

Which player scores the most goals? Harry Kane won the best goalscorer in 2018, but the question is whether he will repeat the feat during this summer’s European Championship finals.

  • Who wins and advances from the different groups?

Eight groups with four teams make up where you can bet on who wins each group and which teams advance from the groups.

In-Play betting and Pre-game betting

Each match throughout the championship is also available with live odds. Then you play an ongoing game and get more action. In addition, more unique markets await while you also get floating odds that are constantly changing. Can you find the odds when they are at their highest?

Play in markets that are not available before the start of the match. For example, it could be about which player scores the next goal or who takes the next yellow card.

Before each match, you can also place odds. For example, who you think will win the game or how many goals you think will be. The options are many when you are betting on the European Championships. Often there are 500 markets or more at the best gaming companies.