Betting sites in the UK

Are you looking for good betting sites with a UK license? We constantly compare and review betting sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

When choosing a bookmaker, there are many things to consider. We therefore compare different bookmakers and show the best with a license in the UK.

Bookmakers who want to offer their service in the UK need to have a valid license from The Gambling Commission. More than 1000 companies have their license from the UK Gambling Commission, meaning there are several options to choose from for British players.

With great competition comes even greater variety and the gambling industry is growing in the United Kingdom.

Best betting sites with UK license

Below we list the crème de la crème when it comes to UK licensed betting sites.

Double winnings on two first bets

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Sportsbooks vs. Betting Exchanges

In the world of betting, people usually talk about two different systems; sportsbooks and betting exchanges.

The most common is a sportsbook, where you play against bookmakers. But the Betting Exchange is growing dramatically.

UK Sportsbooks

Sportsbook is the most traditional variant in sports betting. Then the betting companies set odds which you then take into account. If you think the odds are reasonable concerning the probable outcome, that is a good sign. However, if the risk is higher than the reward, the odds should be avoided.

In a sportsbook, you place the bet on the odds specified. If the bet is successful, the betting company pays out the winnings; otherwise you lose your bet.

Betting Exchanges

It is primarily Betfair that is known for its Betting Exchange. Then it is the punters who decide the betting themselves. Instead of playing against the gaming company, you play against other players. If you wish, you can set odds that other players can take into account.

On a betting exchange, the betting company only charges a small fee because they offer the service, so-called rake, and instead leave the betting entirely to punters.

What you should expect from a great betting site

Since the competition and range are so great, a gaming company needs to maximize the opportunities for punters. Expectations are high, and therefore several components have to be offered for the bookmakers to be engaging enough to attract players.

  • Live stream
  • Live betting
  • Bonuses
  • Large odds range
  • Good mobile betting
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Pleasant customer service

FAQ – UK Betting Sites

Below we list the most common questions we get about betting sites in the UK.