Betting tips – Learn to bet smarter

On this page we’re going to walk you through our betting tips for the most popular sports to bet on in the UK, together with the most common markets to place bets on. Everything from football to cricket.

Betting sites with odds on most sports in the UK

Before we start going through the sports which are the most common among punters, of course we need to display the betting sites which have the most odds markets in the UK.

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Betting on Football

Football is and will remain the number one sport to bet on. The Premier League is the world’s largest and best football league, also noticeable at the betting companies. There is no sport where there are as many options to bet on as football.

All Brits have their favorite team that they follow. Still, around the big clubs that play in the Champions League and Europa League, the interest is most significant from an international perspective.

Regular markets for football betting

  • In football betting, match-winner is the most common option for punters. Then you bet that the team will win the match.
  • The number of goals is also a common market where you bet on how many goals there will be.
  • Before the season, you can place long-term bets on who wins the Premier League or which player scores the most goals.
  • Live betting on football is also prevalent. Play an ongoing match and feel the excitement.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union originated in the 19th century in England and is called rugby. The sport is chic in England, and there are therefore many options when it comes to betting.

The most popular events are the Rugby World Cup, held with the world’s nations every four years. Since 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, rugby is also a part of the Olympics and that is the simplified version of Rugby7.

Common markets in Rugby Union

  • In Rugby Union, the most popular market is to play match winners as you bet on who wins matches. To avoid losing money in the unlikely scenario that a game ends in a draw, you can play the money line.
  • Live betting on Rugby Union is fascinating and something we recommend.
  • Bet from your mobile to be able to bet on Rugby Union no matter where you are.

Betting on Rugby League

There are mainly three events in the Rugby League that turn over large sums at the betting companies. It is first and foremost about the Rugby League World Cup, which is held every four years. The NRL Grand Final, which is held annually and the state-of-origin series, are the ones that the English prefer to watch.

As is well known, the Rugby League has the most extensive base in the north of England and Australia. Therefore, there are also outstanding odds on the Australian league for those who want to bet on it.

Regular markets for betting on Rugby League

  • How many points will be in the match is one of the most common markets in the Rugby League.
  • Keep an extra eye out during the big championships for bonuses and offers. The gaming companies are usually extra generous during these times.
  • Stream Rugby League at the betting companies so as not to have to pay to watch Rugby League. The live stream of Rugby League is viral.

Betting on Cricket

Cricket will always be one of the most popular sports in England and so also when it comes to betting. There are lots of markets and events to bet on in Cricket.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the largest international one-day cricket tournament. For the ladies, the Cricket World Cup is the biggest competition. The ICC Champions Trophy is also very popular, and during this event, there are lots of odds available.

Popular odds markets for Cricket

  • Before tournaments, you can place winning bets on the team you think will win the tournament. You can also bet on who will be the MVP and hundreds of markets.
  • A cricket game can be very long, and therefore, it is ideally suited for live betting. Discover live cricket odds at the UK’s best bookmakers.
  • You can bet on Cricket from any device you want, including smartphones, tabloids and your laptop.