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Which bookmakers are the best in the UK? Among thousands of options, it is not always easy to know where to place your bets.

We at Bettinghysteria are there to guide you right through all the options available. We have analysed the British market on operators and collected the ones we think are most attractive and above all have outstanding offers.

Best Bookies in the UK

Below we’ve listed the bookies in the UK we consider the best based on two factors: How many markets they offer punts on and how big they’re payback percentage to players generally is.

Double winnings on two first bets

Terms & Conditions apply

Maximum stake and extra winnings apply, promotional and general terms and conditions apply

Receive an odds bonus or free bet

When you register as a new customer, you can choose to receive an odds bonus. The most common offer is a welcome bonus that you get as a new player. By accepting this, you can start exploring the odds straight ahead.

A free bet is one of the most popular odds bonuses to receive. The offer means that the bookmaker gives you money to spend on a selected match or a market of your choice. Discover the benefits of a free bet and all you can do with a free bet.

A UK License is essential

When choosing a bookie, it is wise to choose one with a UK license. The UK authorities have licensed the UK Gambling Commission to issue permits to the gaming companies and many players.

By choosing a gaming company with a British license, you get a safer experience in all situations.

Live stream and live betting provide a complete experience

Most gaming companies today offer live stream and live betting in their offer. All bookmakers have live betting, but more and more are starting to get live streams as well.

You can watch lots of sports like football, cricket, basketball, rugby and lots more. All that is usually needed for you to stream live is that you have money in your gaming account. Live betting is also prevalent to combine with the live stream. You can then watch the match simultaneously as the odds, which gives a better overall experience for you.

Choose the right bookmaker

It is vital to choose the right bookmaker when you play with a gaming company. The UK options are good, but there are many good international gaming companies licensed in the UK. What you as a player prefer is something you know best yourself and different players like different things. Some things that may be good to check for you are:

  • Odds Bonus: Does the betting company have an odds bonus?
  • Mobile conditions: Is there an app?
  • Live stream: Is live stream offered?
  • Customer service: – Is customer service available around the clock?
  • Payment methods: How fast are the bookmakers’ withdrawals?

Exchange vs. Sportsbook

There are mainly two types of betting and it is about Echange and sportsbook. In betting Exchange, you do not play against the gaming company but other players. You set your odds and play against each other. Although Exchange is growing, it is nowhere near as popular as in a traditional sportsbook.

A few gaming companies have an Exchange but sportsbook is the most common option. Then you play against the betting companies’ odds and get a payout if your bet goes in. Otherwise you lose your bet when you play.

The most popular sports in the UK

In the UK, there are very many sports that are popular, some more than others. At a sportsbook, however, there are popular sports from a British point of view and other sports that are big from an international perspective.


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